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$44,900                     Peterbilt         384 

#924-2013 Peterbilt 384

595k miles, 455 HP Paccar MX13, 4000 HS Allison,

Flexleaf, Daycab, Stationary 5th Wheel,

Cruise Control, AM/FM/CD, Air Conditioning,

150k on Rebuilt Transmission,

Warranty left on Allison Transmission 


$33,500         Peterbilt       386 

#726-2008 Peterbilt 386

ISX 485, FRO16210, Pete LoLeaf, 3.70 Rear End
Ratio, Daycab, Air Slide, Cruise Control, AM/FM/CD, 
A/C, Dual Air Horns, New Turbo

 $31,500         Peterbilt       379

#684-2001 Peterbilt 379

435HP Cummins N14E+, 10 Spd Manual, Air Ride,
Daycab, Air Slide, A/C, AM/FM, Dual Air Horns,
 New Grill and Bumper, 6 New Aluminum Rims

 $36,900          International   Prostar

#944 - 2010 International Prostar

420k miles, 450HP ISX Cummins, Eaton 10 Spd,

Air Ride, Daycab, Air Slide Fontaine 5th Wheel,

Cruise Control, AM/FM/CD, Air Conditioning,

35,000 on AC Compressor,

38,000 on Clutch, Radiator, Particulate Filter  

 $33,900            International   Prostar

#224 - 2010 International Prostar

437k miles, 450 HP ISX Cummins, Eaton 10 Spd,

Air Ride, Daycab, AS Fontaine 5th Wheel,

Cruise Control, AM/FM/CD, Air Conditioning 

 $34,500    International  Prostar

 #551-2010 International Prostar

777K miles, 450 HP Cummins ISX, Eaton 10 Speed,

Air Ride, Daycab, Air Slide, Cruise Control, A/C,

AM/FM/CD, Turbo Replaced at 375K, 

Particulate Filter Replaced at 595K,

Radiator Replaced at 692K

 $19,900      International   9100

#790 - 2003 International 9100,

Cummins ISX 435, 809k miles, FROF-21015C 10 Speed, 

Air Ride, Steel Wheels, Daycab,
Stationary 5th Wheel, Cruise Control,

AM/FM/CD, Air Conditioning, Block Heater 

$29,500          Freightliner   Cascadia

#424 - 2012 Freightliner Cascadia

606k miles, 450 HP DD13, Eaton FRO15210c,

Air Ride, Daycab, Air Slide 5th Wheel,

Cruise Control, Air Conditioning,

AM/FM/CD, Super Single, Disc Brakes, PTO 

 $28,500           Freightliner   Cascadia

#404 - 2012 Freightliner Cascadia

610k miles, 450 HP DD13, Eaton FRO 15210c,

Air Ride, Daycab, AS 5th Wheel, Cruise Control,

AM/FM/Cassette/CD, Air Conditioning,

Super Single, Disc Brakes, PTO 

 $7,000       Freightliner     FL70

#138 - 1997 Freightliner FL70 with Van Box
93k miles, Cummins 5.9   210, 5 Speed Transmission,
Spring Suspension, 4.63 Rear End Ratio, Daycab,
Power Steering, AM/FM/Cassette, A/C 


Relined Brake Shoes
Rockwell Q-$15.95 / shoe
Rockwell Q+-$17.95 / shoe 

Cross Reference: 3600A, 66864

$88.50 / Drum 


We have all of the parts you need to get your exhaust in shape.


 Aluminum wheels offer many advantages.

~Cooler running-improves tire and brake life 

~Reduced fuel consumption-typical savings 1.5%-2.5%

~Less weight-50% less weight than steel wheels

~Improved vehicle looks

~Priced right-only $295 / each